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There is no “cure” for being different, because being different isn’t a disease.

Goths, Punks, “Emos”, homosexual couples, and, yes, I included the Hipsters and the Wolves.

Best day ever, Richard & I shared our 1 yr together and it was sweet and romantic. ^_^ We might have our ups and downs, but what couple doesn’t? If it wasn’t for the love we have for each other we would never find our way through our problems. I love him with all my heart and I looove my Anniversary gift. #EmeraldCut #Birthstone

Our first Christmas together is coming to an end. I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything else. He is the best gift that has been given to me and if god really does exist, then thank you from the bottom of my heart…if not then thanks Santa. ^_^ #FirstChristmasTogether #RiceKrispy #MansGotToEat

Everyone have a Merry Christmas Eve <3


Beautiful carved Australian Fire Opal brain ring by artist Kim Eric Lilot.

Dream Room!

it’s almost time!!